Best Campus – Japan is one of the countries in Asia that is visited by many tourists. The country known as sakura country is known to have many interesting tourist attractions to visit. In addition to its tourist attractions, Japan is also known to have delicious culinary tours. So it is incomplete if you visit Japan without tasting the food. Well, this time The Unique Blog will discuss some of the most popular Japanese snacks with delicious flavors that are recommended for you to try.


Have you ever tasted one of the most popular Japanese snacks? This Japanese cheesecake has a lighter texture and the taste of cheese is stronger because it uses creamcheese. This cheesecake has a solid shape and has a roasted version as well that is similar to pie. The jam, there is also a cheesecake that has a texture such as a light sponge, fluffy and lumer in the mouth. This cheesecake also comes in several flavor variants such as original, matcha, oreo, nutella and others.

Choco Banana

For those of you who like sweet foods, do not forget to taste this japanese snack, namely Choco Banana. Choco Banana itself is a banana wrapped in chocolate and decorated with a variety of appetizing toppings. Choco banana is very popular in Japan so if you visit Japan then it is mandatory for you to taste it.


Of course, it is already in the know with typical Japanese snacks that are doraemon’s favorite food, especially if not Dorayaki. Visiting Japan is certainly incomplete if you do not taste the taste of this one snack. Dorayaki is known to be very popular in Japan because it has a sweet and delicious taste. Dorayaki itself consists of two sheets of pancakes glued with red peanut butter or green tea. The shape of this one snack is round and slightly bulging.

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Who does not know the popular snacks in Japan this one is dango. Dango cake is a traditional Japanese cake made from rice flour and water then shaped like balls and then steamed or boiled until cooked. Dango cake itself has a wide variety of hanami dango, goma dango, kinako dango, shiratama dango and kibi dango. This cake has a chewy texture and savory sweetness. Dango cake also has a variety of flavors ranging from sesame, kidney beans to green tea. This dango cake is usually served by being pierced like a satai and then burned so that the surface is brown.

By Drajad