Marsha Beauty – Hi, Girs! Do you have a hobby of watching Korean dramas or do you like K-Pop groups? If you are in the world of K-Pop, you must have often seen Korean artists like to drink coffee, especially Americano. Apparently, Americano is a type of coffee for a diet, you know. Even drinking Americano coffee is one of the Korean artist’s diet menus. Well, here is Marsha Beauty reviewing the benefits of coffee for the diet which is the secret of the K-Pop idol diet. Keep Scrolling!

Benefits of Coffee for Diet

coffee benefits for diet

For those of you who like coffee, this article can be good news. Although it is often considered not good for the body if you drink coffee too often, it turns out that coffee has benefits that can help you lose weight, you know!

Boost Metabolism and Burn Fat

Coffee contains caffeine compounds that function to increase the rate of metabolism and fat burning in the body. Caffeine compounds can help move fat from body tissues so that fat can be used by the blood as fatty acids. That way, fat does not accumulate and does not make your body fatter. In addition, caffeine can also stimulate the process of thermogenesis where the body produces heat and energy from digesting food. 

Suppresses Appetite

Coffee contains active substances that act as anti-obesity consisting of chlorogenic acid, trigonelin, and magnesium. These substances can help suppress appetite. So, by drinking coffee you don’t feel hungry easily.

Reducing Muscle Pain After Exercising

Many Kpop idols and Korean artists drink Americano coffee after they do sports or workouts. Can you do that? Isn’t caffeine dangerous for the heart?

Take it easy, Girls! The caffeine content in coffee is still safe to drink after exercise. Scientific research states that the caffeine content in coffee can relieve muscle pain after exercise because caffeine blocks adenosine receptors that play a role in the inflammatory response that can cause pain. Drinking coffee after exercise can also speed up muscle recovery when coupled with the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as bananas.  

Calorie Drink Substitute

The reason why Korean artists like to consume Americano coffee is because the drink does not contain calories. Americano coffee is coffee made by mixing a shot of espresso with warm or cold water. This coffee is good for dieting because there are no added artificial sweeteners such as sugar or creamer which can make weight loss difficult because it adds the number of calories to the drink.

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Coffee Diet Effect

coffee benefits for diet

Behind the benefits of coffee for weight loss, coffee also has side effects that you need to be aware of. The recommended caffeine consumption is 400 mg per day, or the equivalent of 3-4 cups of coffee. Excess caffeine can cause indigestion, insomnia, and anxiety disorders. These disturbances of course affect the process of weight loss. Digestion that is not smooth indicates the body’s metabolism is not going well. In addition, lack of sleep can increase the production of the hormone insulin and blood sugar which causes you to be hungry at night. An unsettled mind also has an impact on weight gain because you will tend to eat emotionally when your mind is distracted. 

Therefore, you need to limit coffee consumption per day and drink at the right time. You can make a coffee drinking schedule such as 1 cup in the morning, 1 cup in the afternoon, and 1 cup in the afternoon. Avoid drinking coffee at night because it will disturb your sleep. Also, avoid adding artificial sweeteners to your drinks. Replace with natural sweeteners such as stevia or milk instead of sugar or creamer. 

Well, that’s the benefits of coffee for weight loss as a secret Korean artist-style diet that you can try at home. Always remember to apply a healthy diet so that you not only get the benefits, but also feel the deliciousness of delicious coffee.

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